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Doctors Camilo Duarte and Angela Diaz provide several different services to help our practice’s patients receive the dental care they need to improve their health. A particular concern we treat is the need to save a tooth from extraction when its internal systems begin to decay. D & D Family Dentistry provides root canal therapy in Fredericksburg, Stafford, and Spotsylvania.

The Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Your tooth is made up of multiple layers, the innermost of which is known as the pulp. This layer contains blood vessels and nerves and stretches from the center of the crown down into the roots. The chambers that hold the pulp within the roots are known as root canals.

Unlike the outer layers, which can be restored after cavities affect them, the pulp is not expected to survive instances of advanced tooth decay. If decay affects a tooth deeply enough to infect the pulp, then the best treatment is to remove the pulp entirely. Without a way to clean out the infected pulp, the tooth may require extraction in order to save the rest of the smile.

Root canal therapy effectively removes the infected pulp, seals off the tooth to prevent further decay, and restores the strength of the overall tooth’s structure.

How the Procedure Works

Root canal therapy is a multi-step process. Drs. Duarte and Diaz are experienced in providing root canal therapy, helping ensure each step is performed exactly as needed in order to save your tooth.

The first step is to create a pathway to the pulp itself. Next, the dentist will clean out the main pulp chamber and the root canals as thoroughly as possible, removing all decay and the whole pulp. The third step is to fill the emptied core of the tooth with a biocompatible seal. This seal prevents new decay from forming where you removed the older decay and supports the tooth internally.

 Lastly, Dr. Duarte or Dr. Diaz will add a crown to finish sealing and strengthening the tooth. This crown can be made of several different materials, depending upon the needs of the patient, but the most common is dental porcelain. This material mimics the color and sheen of a naturally healthy tooth while being strong enough to survive within the smile.

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D & D Family Dentistry provides root canals for patients in Fredericksburg and the surrounding communities. For more information about the procedures we use to restore your smile, call our practice today. 

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