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Adults and teens who are self-conscious about their smiles often choose not to undergo orthodontic treatment because of how noticeable the appliances are. While effective, traditional metal braces detract significantly from a smile’s natural cosmetics.

At D & D Family Dental, we provide patients options for discreet orthodontic treatment through Invisalign clear aligners. To schedule a consultation with our Fredericksburg Invisalign provider, contact our office today.

Detailed Impressions

In order to receive Invisalign aligner trays, our dentist take detailed impressions of your bite. These blueprints allow us to provide patients with insight into how long their course of treatment can be expected to last. Once trays have been fabricated to fit with your unique bite, you will have the opportunity to speak with our Fredericksburg cosmetic dentists and address any issues that may be present in your aligners.

Ideally Aesthetic Treatment

Patients who have undergone Invisalign orthodontics find that the trays are nearly invisible once placed, allowing you to straighten your smile without distracting from its natural cosmetic appeal. Worn for at least 22 hours a day, these comfortable and aesthetic trays allow patients to maintain confidence in their naturally bright and healthy smiles.

Comfortable and Hygienic Orthodontics

Aesthetics are not the only benefit provided by Invisalign clear aligners. When undergoing this treatment, patients often enjoy that their diet is unaffected. Trays are removed during meals, meaning that fibrous or sticky foods can continue to be eaten. This is especially beneficial for patients who have dietary restrictions that would only be further complicated by the use of traditional orthodontic appliances.

Patients are also able to brush and floss their teeth normally. Whereas traditional braces often require the use of specialized tools and flossers to keep the teeth clean, Invisalign trays need only be brushed once they are removed for brushing and flossing. While removable trays enhances the convenience which patients experience, they must be cleaned and replaced regularly or else the treatment time may be lengthened.

Begin Straightening Your Smile Today

Whether you have already undergone traditional orthodontics and are experiencing a relapse, or are in need of first-time treatment for mild to moderate malocclusion, contact D&D Family Dental today. We are committed to cosmetic and functional orthodontics in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Stafford and throughout the neighboring communities. 

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