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Doctors Duarte and Diaz understand the importance of keeping the natural teeth healthy, in order to preserve the original smile for as long as possible. Unfortunately, tooth decay can develop to the point that losing one tooth prevents a patient from losing many teeth. D & D Family Dentistry provides extractions in Fredericksburg, Stafford, Spotsylvania and the surrounding communities.

Why Is Extraction Necessary?

Not every patient wants to undergo an extraction, often due to concerns about their health or comfort. Patients may wonder why Drs. Duarte and Diaz would recommend an extraction to them.

Extractions are performed by our dentists in Fredericksburg when that treatment is the only way to save a patient’s oral health. The main reason that a tooth is extracted is if it has become too decayed to be restored. A tooth in such a state can jeopardize the well-being of the rest of the smile, as well as a patient’s overall health. Other reasons an extraction may be necessary are often related to orthodontic care. We will work with an orthodontist to prepare the smile for bite realignment.

What Happens During and After Extractions?

In order to prevent possible discomfort during the procedure, our dentists in Fredericksburg will use a local anesthetic in the area being treated. Once the tooth is removed from the smile, they will treat the vacant spot to prevent infection or general discomfort. Much later, after your recovery period has passed, you can talk with Dr. Duarte or Dr. Diaz about a restoration for the missing tooth, such as a dental implant.

While healing from extraction, you must take certain steps to have the most successful recovery. The gauze pads placed by your dentist need to be changed four hours or so after the surgery. It is best to avoid drinking from straws or aggressively rinsing or spitting during the first day of recuperation, but after twenty-four hours you’ll be able to rinse your mouth with warm salt water. Stick to consuming soft foods throughout the healing period. You can resume your normal hygiene routines, but do not let your toothbrush or floss come into contact with the new space in your smile.

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D&D Family Dentistry performs extractions in Fredericksburg, allowing patients in and near our community to keep their smiles healthy after extreme tooth decay. Schedule an appointment today if your oral health is at risk due to extreme decay.

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