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Drs. Camilo Duarte and Angela Diaz do more than prevent tooth decay as effectively as possible; they strive to reverse any damage which may have taken place with restorative dental services. D & D Family Dentistry provides crowns and bridges to patients in Fredericksburg, Stafford and Spotsylvania.


Tooth decay does not always lead directly to tooth loss. Because the decay takes time to break down a tooth’s structure, the cavity can be cleaned out by our dentists. Unfortunately, a tooth with a cavity is usually too weak to survive in the mouth without some form of structural support. The everyday stress of chewing food or further decay could damage to tooth to the point of requiring an extraction.

Crowns are placed on teeth which have suffered too much decay to survive on their own in the smile. These caps cover the tooth in order to make the tooth stand up to daily use and to seal out further decay. 


Sometimes, despite anyone’s best effort, a tooth may be lost. Lost teeth can cause several more health problems within the smile, such as shifting teeth leading to malocclusion or overburdened teeth becoming more likely to become lost as well.

In order to avoid these complications, you may benefit from having a fixed dental bridge. A bridge is a row of crowns placed in the smile to replace one or more missing teeth. The first and last crown are placed over existing teeth to anchor the prosthesis in place. This bridge can function like a natural tooth, preventing too much stress from being placed on other teeth when chewing. It also restores the aesthetic of the smile.

Cosmetic Options

When the lab we partner with creates the crowns and bridges we provide, we have several options of how they are made. While we provide metal crowns for patients who need them, we often have our crowns made of porcelain, the same material from which bridges are made. Porcelain mimics the color and sheen of naturally healthy teeth, causing it to blend into the rest of the smile.

Additionally, crowns and bridges can both be made as restorations for dental implants. Dental implants use these restorations to replace missing teeth, from root to cusp: a crown is used to replace a single missing tooth, and a bridge can replace a row of missing teeth within an arch.

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